• brad89790


Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Hey friends! Brad here, self-ascribed nerd, husband of 29+ years, and father of three great kids. The adventure of life has been quite assorted, but one of the biggest dichotomies was the raising of our autistic kid. Dichotomy? Yes, because anyone with a special needs kids will tell you how varied minute by minute can be. You're always "ON" and the emotional roller coaster can be exhausting.

We started this journey many years ago, back when autism was barely recognized and far from understood or accepted, but when you know somethings up, you just know.

We didn't plan this journey; for all of those on this journey it just happened to us. In our case, though, what we did plan was our response. We committed to each other before having children that we would raise our children - no matter if they were healthy or not. And most importantly, we would do this together.

This blog is intended as a follow-up to my book #specialisms, where I talk long and hard of our experiences raising Daniel. And, more importantly, my continuing engagement in the autism community and the active issues arising alongside supportive conversations to help guide those on this journey.

Here's wishing you the best and let's stay connected.