• brad89790

Get Help

Build up a support network

We are social individuals, and we need engagement from others. Trials will come – prepare for them. And part of that preparation should be to have a group of individuals / couples who are close enough to you that they will step in and help when the time is needed. And, in return, you can be that for them as well.

Get your kids on a schedule...

...and stick to it.

As babies, we had them on schedules in the first weeks. This can be difficult … until they adapt to the schedule. Go through the pain – it is so worth it. They will cry and want you to come. Honor the schedule. There are plenty of resources out there to define it (per age), but I cannot

encourage you enough to make this happen. It will dramatically shift your experience with a young child.

Set boundaries...

...and apply them consistently. What that means to everyone is different, but the simple

fact is that kids need (and want) boundaries (but will never tell you so). But boundaries mean nothing if there are no consequences when those boundaries are crossed – so uphold them. How you do that is up to you, but consequences are vital for your children to associate

action with consequence.