• brad89790

A Woke Versus Awake

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

This week I was unexpectedly stunned by a Facebook response to a person with autism.

The topic doesn't really matter for context here, but the response was clearly a push for more 'equity' training in the school districts to ensure people treat special needs people better - aka ableism, equity, etc. (of course based on the errant assumptions about systemic issues).

Now, please don't think that I am not all about better knowledge and understanding of the autism dilemma, but in this case the person was more interested in pushing their progressive agenda than helping this person out.

There are acceptable places for those conversations to take place but its not in this community. Those with special needs don't need more to deal with from you piling this on them. That includes wokism generally, and even in autism, like:

  • taking issue with the puzzle piece

  • arguing over the 'special' terminology

  • tactics bent on being a friend vs. being a parent

  • etc.

People need help, and this doesn't help them. Focus on *their* need, not your message.