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Brad Eck has a background in software engineering and partner engagement in various industries alongside leadership within those roles. Expanding his career toward people leadership in 2017, he completed an Executive MBA program at the Jack Welch Management Institute. After which he and his wife made reality their long-time dream of owning a bed and breakfast in 2019 in Southeast Pennsylvania. Having been trained in marriage mentorship, leadership of men, and student and children ministries, his passion for investing in others continues to underpin everything he does. He still works full time but now as a director in Christian ministry, all the while pursuing his passion of investing by mentoring, writing, and engaging with others. You can find him at @authorbradeck on LinkedIn, X, Facebook, and Instagram.orth living.

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Brad and his wife raised three children, one of which was diagnosed with high functioning autism. This book is dedicated to stories of raising Daniel. Because of the desire to have different perspectives, each chapter starts with dad’s perspective and may have others following it giving their perspective of the same time frame.

At the end of each perspective is a lesson the author wishes to impart based on the experience. More importantly, there will be a scripture verse from which each lesson will be based. We often forget to search out truth from the Bible. But recognizing that all things come from heaven above is a good first step in living a life worth living.


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